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Top 10 Recipes for Christmas Dinner

Plan the perfect Christmas dinner with our favorite Christmas recipes including Cream of Pumpkin Soup with Cranberry Drizzle and Cider-and-Beer-Braised Pork with Chocolate Mole.


This beef medallion recipe will make you look like a hero in the kitchen--it looks beautiful and tastes incredible.


Want to show off this holiday season? If you can roast a chicken, why not up the ante and roast a duck! A roast duck for Christmas dinner is chic and easy. This recipe is my version of the classic French dish "Duck a l'Orange."


Sometimes there is nothing like cozying up to a rich, warm bowl of soup for dinner. This recipe invokes the flavors of the season and looks just gorgeous on any Christmas dinner table.


Enjoy a taste of the south this Christmas. This dish is simmered with smoked turkey, collard greens and bell peppers.


Finally, a vegetarian dish to take center stage for a festive Christmas meal! This savory pie is as impressive as it is mouth-watering.


This ham is effortless to make, but is sinfully delicious. It's Christmas dinner in a crock-pot! Plus, the leftovers are fabulous for sandwiches and salads.


Cornish hens are another great choice for Christmas dinner. Whether you are cooking for a small family or hosting a big crowd.


Lamb is a holiday favorite and I love this recipe because you simply sear lamb chops and then finish them off in the oven. An upscale Christmas dinner is served in a matter of minutes! The sweet and spicy glaze works really well with the flavor of the lamb and the wilted spinach makes it a complete dish.


Chocolate is a favorite holiday ingredient that many people do not typically consider pairing with pork, but Chef Symon’s recipe shows that pork's versatility enhances almost any holiday ingredient. You will receive raves from your friends and family if you serve this dish at Christmas!


Decadent lobster is often saved for special celebrations. This recipe is so easy, you will want to make it all year long!










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